Size inclusive, custom vintage Levi's.

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We need exact, accurate measurements from you. If you'd like a baggy or relaxed fit please provide us with exact measurements & we will adjust them accordingly.



Required Measurements:

(Please wear leggings or jeans while measuring)

Waist (at smallest part)

Waist (over belly button)

Waist (2" under belly button) - this is not in our measurement guide video yet but please include it on your order if you can!

Rise (to smallest part) - this rise is likely not under 11” unless you are shorter

Rise (to belly button) - this rise is likely not under 10” unless you are shorter


Thigh (widest part)

Inseam (desire length/where you’d like them to hit on your leg)

Inseam to knee (for distressing placement)

Calf (widest part)


*Make sure you are not measuring too snug and that you can move your fingers freely behind the tape. *

Please note — we do not guarantee a specific rise, as we are working with vintage inventory. All our Levi’s have varying rises and we alter the waist based on your rise given. Most vintage Levi's have a rise from 11"-13".

For high rise, we only guarantee that they will fall between your belly button and smallest part.

We will ONLY give you a low rise if it is specified on your order. If you order low rise, please also note that your jeans must be relaxed or baggy as it is very difficult to do fitted low rise with vintage inventory. Additionally, please note that since we cannot guarantee exact rises the crotch will sit lower, and be bunchy for all baggy fits.

For the inseam on your jeans, please measure your desired length/where you’d like your customs to hit on your leg.

(Any inseam under 30” is pretty short for jeans, unless you are under 5’3”. Please double check your measurements!)

For cutoffs please give us the length you’d like them cut to (not your full inseam).

We recommend going no shorter than 2.75” no matter your height.